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McAuliffe High School Dominates 50-0 Halftime

McAuliffe High School week 4 Match up against Firebaugh HS ends with a 50-0 Halftime score, forcing the home team to forfeit competition. The Mustangs have a very talented group of young men that are proving to the world after being sentenced to serve Juvenile Camp sentences that they deserve to be recognized playing their dominating High School Football in 2016.





African in America Network depicts this montage of events spawning from the enslavement of African ancestry following a non receptive North America through sharecropping, Jim Crow South, Civil Rights leaders assassinated, Crack epidemic, and the war on drugs that lead to the mass incarceration of Africans in America we see the “Slave to Prisoner” epidemic today in America being the most enslaved country on the planet with over 1,561,525 correctional inmates in 2014 from the Bureau of Justice Statistics. This 3 minute clipping of events weighs in on the “Divide & Conquer” technique used to control Blacks in America since The Willie Lynch letter of 1712 during the early European colonial settlements. African Ancestry has fought in every war behind the United States, and previously 13 colonies; yet still faces strict inequities in the Nation that is said to be “The Land of the Free”. Simultaneously while Crack, and the war on drugs were destroying African families Nationwide in the US, Apartheid was happening in South Africa due to colonialism invading South African government and law enforcement through military practices which reshaped South Africa into virtually what the Jim Crow South was that we saw historically post emancipation with remnants today; African Ancestry still faces heavy persecution in America under the Red, White, and Blue flag which has caused loads of controversy lately with actors, professional athletes, and the growing activism amongst the people now taking a knee and raising fist during the anthem due to the recent police incidents murdering unarmed African males in cold blood. The springboard like with Emmett Till murder in 1955, you have the story of Trayvon Martin who was murdered by a civilian also in cold blood that has sparked a resurgence of racial tension and multiple police shootings and killings of African unarmed civilians as   history repeats itself with the activism, and opposing the opposition being law enforcement officials and those still abiding under the eyes of the Republic for which this Nation Stands. This depiction is timely to the release of African in America Network’s official merchandise “Dad Hats” focusing on the displacement of the Father in the African household, the blood shed on American soil and abroad of African Ancestry, and the season of Oktoba and the Scorpion I ruler said to be the first know King of Upper Egypt BC: Blood on the Leaves, Memorial, Family tree, and The African God Deity Scorpion I “Dad Hats” made available 10.28.2016.


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Richard “Dick” Gregory – [OCT 12, 1932 – AUG 19, 2017] – African civil rights activist, comedian, and Entrepreneur

Richard “Dick” Gregory – [OCT 12, 1932 – AUG 19, 2017] – African civil rights activist, comedian, and Entrepreneur